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Ajax Daily Paper shirt

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nl_NL Peter J.
Jun 12, 2023; 19:39:49
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Dit was in het inmiddels afgelopen seizoen het derde tenue van Ajax! Opnieuw eentje voor in de boeken. Dit keer slaan Adidas en Ajax de handen ineen met het Amsterdamse modemerk Daily Paper. Samen creërden zij dit magische nieuwe derde tenue voor het seizoen 2022/2023. Maat M


The proceeds of this auction will go to:


With the proceeds from this auction, the Nouri Foundation is to place 34 life-saving AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) around the country in places where it is not obvious. An AED is a portable device that can restore heart rhythm in the event of cardiac arrest. The first was recently placed on the Nouri Square in the Amsterdam neighborhood of Geuzenveld. The purpose of the Nouri Foundation is also to help people, especially young people, who are on the sidelines due to any kind of disability to participate in a safe environment. Just like 'Appie' Nouri always did.

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