Cookies and other tracking technologies can be used in various ways on our website. That is why we think it is important to explain what Cookies are and why Masterpieces of Sport uses Cookies. Please read the following information carefully so you understand how Masterpieces of Sport uses Cookies and what your options are.

With respect to personal data that is being collected, we always act fully in accordance with the Masterpieces of Sport Privacy Policy. Terms with capital letters are defined in the Terms of Use section.


1. What are Cookies?
A Cookie is a small amount of data that is placed in the browser of your computer or mobile device. Cookies use different techniques to place data on a device or to import data (for example to identify you or to save your preferences) from a device, such as your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The most common Cookies are small (text)files that are placed on a device and can be re-identified at a later stage. At the bottom of this Cookiestatement you will find more information about the type(s) and purpose of Cookies we use.


2. How long do our cookies stay active?
The Cookies we use vary in lifespan. A ‘session cookie’ expires when you close your browser, while a ‘permanent cookie’ stays on your device for a certain period of time. Please check the table at the bottom of this Cookie Statement for the specific storage periods. You can remove all Cookies from your browser at any time via the Cookie settings in your browser. The exact location of your browser’s settings depends on the brower you use. Use your browser’s searchbar on the settings page or press the ‘help’ button to get help in finding these settings.


3. Waht kind of cookies does Masterpieces of Sport use?
We use so-called First Party Cookies that are placed and analysed by Masterpieces of Sport itself. Our Cookies are solely used to keep track of your behaviour on our own Online Platform.

Functional Cookies:

Functional cookies are Cookies that are essential to enable the use of the Online Platform or certain features. For example, we use a Cookie that ensures that you stay logged in and do not have to log in again each time you click on a link on the Online Platform. These Cookies are placed regardless of your permission when you visit the Online Platform or use relevant features. We also use functional Cookies to:

  1. 1. to detect whether you are logged in;
  2. 2. to save the type of device used to visit the Online Platform.

Analytical- and researchcookies:

These Cookies track how our visitors use the Online Platform. The information we receive from these Cookies is used to analyse the Online Platform and to determine how errors are caused on the Online Platform. Some of these Cookies are placed regardless of your consent when you visit Masterpieces of Sport, for example the Cookies that only collect aggregated data. Analytical and research Cookies are used for:

  1. 1. keeping track of the number of users on the Online Platform;
  2. 2. keeping track of the time you spend on the Online Platform;
  3. 3. keeping track of the order in which you view different web pages;
  4. 4. deciding which parts of the Online Platform need to be improved.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps us to measure how you use our website and services. We use this data to help you choose the shirt that fits you best, and to show you promotions of shirts or other items you might be interested in. Without this cookie you will miss promotions on our website and in our newsletter.

This cookie is provided by Google. The cookie will be automatically removed after a maximum term of 2 years.


This cookie can see what shirts or other items you're viewing. This way, we can show you relevant ads on META that are tailored to your interests. Without this cookie, you may miss shirts on the platform you would have liked to add to your collection.


4. Manage Cookie settings.
You can manage your Cookie settings in the browser you use. Follow the instructions of your browser to accept, delete or reject Cookies. Please note that our First Party Cookies are an important part of our Services. If you decide not to accept them, this may affect the accessibility and functionality of some of our features that make our Online Platform user friendly and attractive. If you delete or reject these Cookies, you might have to log in again every time you visit the Online Platform.


5. Amendments to cookie staement
We can amend or adjust this Cookie Statement. We strive to keep our Cookie information up-to-date, but emphasize that Cookie overviews are only snapshots. Due to the continuous innovation of the Online Platform and the fact that the internet and the various parties involved are constantly changing, it may be possible that up-to-date Cookies and Cookie information are not always available in this Cookie Statement.


6. More information
For questions about this Cookie Statement and the use of Cookies on our Online Platform, you can contact us:

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