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Jop van der Avert

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nl_NL Maurice V.
May 29, 2023; 19:47:47
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Size L
Match FC Dordrecht - TOP Oss
Date 19-05-2023
League Keuken Kampioen Divisie

Proceeds from this auction go to:


This shirt was worn during 'the first climate-neutral match in Dutch profressional soccer' between FC Dordrecht and TOP Oss.

Climate neutral means that something has no negative impact on the climate. That is the case with this match. Normally, the equipment man's tractor runs on diesel, but during this match an electric variant was chosen. In addition, it has been agreed with opponent TOP Oss that they will not travel with their bus running on diesel, but with one that runs on a fossil-free alternative. By doing this, FC Dordrecht and partners also want to use professional soccer as a popular sport to create awareness about the climate. The match is the trigger for this, but it is about what this means for the city, the region and the Netherlands.

The proceeds of this auction will go to De Energiehulp Dordrecht.

The city of Dordrecht wants to help its residents reduce their energy bills. That is why De Energiehulp is set up: for everyone who can use help in saving energy. De Energiehulp makes your house more energy efficient, easily and quickly.

During a visit from De Energiehulp energy-saving materials are offered free of chage, such as LED bulbs, draft stripts and radiator foil. These can be applied immediately. You will also receive saving tips that fit to your home and situation.

The winner of this auction will receive a Certificate of authenticity with the product. Masterpieces of Sport thereby guarantees that the shirt was worn during the specified match and subsequently signed by the player in question.

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